Branie x Asbest x
Vincent Boon

An audiovisual collaboration with Asbest (Jesse Schilderink, Jimmi Jo Hueting, Jelle Roozenburg)
facilitated by Branie Rotterdam.

What was planned to be a live performance that due to covid became a collaboration to make a videorelease of original music of Asbest. The experimental psychedelic jazz vibes needed some freaky representation. Asbest invited me too start jamming together and explore their uncharted worlds giving me to complete creative freedom in imagining a visual narrative.

Through synthethic clothing that protects from microdusts harmful for the human body the band allready embodied an allready alienating aesthetic and inspired to create a bit of and otherworldly experience through the use of distorted 360 camera footage and tranforming them bad digital copies entering a glitchy digital landscape.