a Uni_verse studio production
Music and sounddesign by Antfood
created by Vincent Boon & Enzo Zubra

Clouded VR is an Virtual Reality experience is a satirical commentary on our relationship with the virtual world through personal devices, an experimental story driven by interaction. This project was created in colaboration with Uni_verse studio and Antfood for the first edition of RGBXYZ.

Living in a digital world, people endlessly strive to satisfy their inner pressure to perform and reach the status they think they deserve. To escape from their complicated lives they enter the Clouds Hotel, a virtual hotel, built to maintain inner peace, allowing them to take a break and transcend to the cloud. However the cloud hotel is not what seems. In an attempt to escape reality, U, a user, wants to experience a relaxing stay at the virtual cloud hotel, a perfect stepping stone before one transcends to the Cloud, technological nirvana. To access the virtual facilities everyone has their personal device to identify themselves, but U’s device is malfunctioning. U gets trapped by his device, his ego. The ego is obsessed with achieving some divine cloud status that supposedly would get U to the cloud, distracting U from the device being fixed. U follows the advice of the device and gets stuck in a loop in the lobby of the hotel, inflating its ego causing connection problems in the cloud hotel. During this desperate attempt to reach divine status, U is  increasingly in the center of the attention. The device gets more self centered and justifies all means to get a higher cloud status and gives the illusion that the faceless others and the hotel staff are conspiring against you. U is unaware of the Cloud being a facade and only by staying true to themselves and disconnecting from their ego can they connect with their inner dolphin.

Oculus link
Language: English
Available on Steam
made with unity
Released date:
october 2022

Clouded VR start as in the fall of 2020 as a school project with the working title the virtual phone. The virtual phone was an exploration of the impact of the online world trough our personal devices. When I applied for an internship at Uni_verse studio early 2021,  we came to an agreement to expand the virtual phone for presentation at RGBXYZ. What was supposed to be a guided improvement of the demo I made for the virtual phone escalated into the Rediculous VR experience of Clouded and it much bigger than i could ever imagine. Eventually over 20 people collaborated on Clouded.

For me it was a very fruitful period as it was the first project I was leading. Which didnt went to great overal and unlocked an identity crisis, but was great oppertunity to practice. Luckily there was a lot of support coming from a lot of directions, making the project snowball into what Clouded is now.

UNI_VERSE studio

Jeff Beukema: Creative Direction
Daan Schraauwers: Executive production
Vincent Boon: Technical Direction /Co-creative Direction
Enzo Soubra: Creative Production
Luc Nagel: Creative Development/Art Direction
Daan Scholten: 3D/Animation
Terence De Vries: 3D
Koen Vogel: Unity Development
Danny Groot: 3D model rigging, animating & concepting
Fons mans: Hotel Branding and UI
Ivano Salonia: XR Consultancy
Rob Haarsma: Development Consultancy


Alette Boogman: Production
Marina Kagan: Production
Pedro Botsaris: Sound Design and Music
Charley Van Veldhoven: Sound Mixing and Music

RGBXYZ Opening nightSeptember 2022