De Leegte

Visual poem: Vincent Boon
Music and Sound Design: Youssef El Fassi

The visual poem is an egodocument exploring memories spatially through personal  paintings as a portal to a different version of the self. The paintings come to life in a poetic emotional narrative. The piece explores themes like nostalgia, identity-crisis, vulnerability, self-hate through the personification of a diver. In the narrative a diver is searching for a lost city of light lost in the deep. While diving deeper In an ocean of ambiguity, you revisit different memories and the viewer is invited to contemplate their own memory world.
late night session collaborative music and editing session.

(De leegte) The emptiness represents the future, a danger, an absence & a numbing vastness of possibilities both positive and negative. Simultaneously it explores the fragile and transient nature of memories. The underwater world as a metaphor for subconscious experience, otherworldly and under the surface.

This esoteric research project was almost therapeutic as the process started by the act to capture and digitalize memories encrypted in personal paintings from more depressed episodes of my life. These paintings that never really came outside of studio needed a platform but as they do not represent my ideas anymore they do tell a story of where i came from. The act of digitalization and publication gave me power to create my own memory palace and reimagine traumatic feelings that were locked inside and only surfaced trough abstract images.