Die donker

Visuals for theater performance

Visuals: Matthijs stegink & Vincent Boon
For the full project and credits checkout: www.diedonker.nl/

Matthijs Stegink asked me to help develop a set of visuals for the Music theater performance: Die Donker. Together we worked on a set of visuals tranlating the inner world of a depressed composer, inspired by famous artists.


Toon is a composer and wants to create beautiful things, big things: he wants to fly to the sun.

An ever-present, dark guest, always pulls him back on the couch and makes his inspiration wing-lame: 'Nothing comes, nothing'. Toon wants to definitively escape this stranglehold. Where will this end? In 'Nothing, Never and Nowhere' or in 'Everything, Always and Everywhere'?

In a fight with The Dark, Toon slowly realizes that this Dark Master of Melancholy also brings a 'Blue Note' for his music. That's what Toon wants. But not that guest. How is he going to do this?

Writer and composer Theo Hoek knows what it's like to cycle 'Far over Mountain and Valley' with lead on the luggage rack but also to feel the power of creativity in his legs. He has turned this ride into an intriguing theater journey with lots of new music.