Project by Kaboom+ Collective: Carmen Maria, Eva Kröse, Jacqueline Zamora, Jose Hopkins Brocq, Vincent Boon

Dreamweaving Within 

(Work in progress)

Dreamweaving Within is a VR prototype created during the Kaboom Virtual Reality Residency. An interdisciplinary group was dedicated to studying the intersection of dreaming and VR. Over the past months, this team of 5 creatives has immersed themselves in exploring the theories behind the language of images in dreams. It is said that modern societal constructs have clouded our understanding of this language, being acknowledged now only by a few. Kaboom's team aims to shed light on this forgotten language, investigating its potential applications for VR design.

The essence of this research works around a paradox: while these dream images can be received, their true understanding often eludes us. Attempting to rationalize these images may distance us further from their significance rooted in intuition and feeling. This project wants to recognize this language's existence and multiple definitions, embracing its beauty and mystery by developing an interactive experience. The result of the workshop is a work-in-progress VR experience that tries to convey the felt power of the dreamworld images while also acknowledging that we need to modify the relationship between sign, signified, and signifier to understand it.

In Dreamweaving Within, the participant is confronted with the irony of trying to comprehend the vast and nebulous experience of dreams and the dreamworld. Their urge to rationalize and verbalize everything is challenged, opening the floor for new epistemologies. The goal is to create a moment where participants can embark on a journey to discover the realm of dreams, their intuition, and VR.