Protoyping / 3D modeling / shading - Vincent Boon
Development: Jesse van Bloemenhuis
Production & Concept development: Joris Cornielje


Phase 1: Prototyping a “virtual church” for the Beam community.

“Do you believe in the metaverse?” Was the question the BEAM department asked when they published the first prototype of their community to experience the BEAM mass together virtually.

In this project their was the idea to create a virtual space that would be platform for young audience of dutch christian teenagers to connect with likeminded others. Therefor we designed a space in that invited them to Believe, relax and wonder together. 

In this project we aimed to do a collaborative VR sketching session in Gravity sketch with the target audience and let them in on the reimagining process. In this version we only did this with the people from EO, BEAM and Cornielje creative because of circumstances. It was still a super fun way to reimagine a space and work together on a prototype allowing everyone to experience it in life-size. 


Experience the spatial environment here!