Projection Mapping VR

Technical Direction: Emile Hubner & Vincent Boon
Production: Emile Hubner & Vincent Boon
Animation by: Vincent Boon, Corina Bojan & Tea tusci
3D-Modelling: Oana  Beatrice Popescu
Installation: Emile Hubner & Oana  Beatrice Popescu
Music  & Sound Design: Tom de Sok

Our presence in the virtual world seems to become more significant. A world that is more fantastical, more sensational, more irrational. The lines between physical and virtual worlds are getting blurred more and more, as human intellect merges with artificial.
What is our place in a world which develops itself at such a high speed, a world outgrowing us beyond our physical limitations?

To experience the fine line between these worlds, you must step into the most reduced space: a cube. By opening a door between two worlds, the viewer is left to explore this unknown territory. Inspired by processes of change we take the viewer on a journey expanding the physical space into virtual infinity. We aim for the feeling of insignificance and impotence along with wonder and fascination. Abstracting more and more into a reality that is a representation of a representation.

The Diversity of Worlds
(p. 56)
When the cosmos wakes, if ever she does, she will find herself not the single beloved of her maker, but merely a little bubble adrift on the boundless and bottomless ocean of being.